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School of Physics and Astronomy

Building Organic Near Infrared Lasers

Research Group:Centre for Condensed Matter and Materials Physics

Full-time Project: yes




Project Description:

We have developed a new technology for encapsulating erbium ions in organic molecules and achieving very high quantum efficiencies (~100%). This has been coupled with sensitisation of those ions (effectively increasing their absorption cross section) by using organic chromophore molecules. This has allowed us to obtain population inversion in an organic erbium composite using power densities of <1 W/cm2. This is ~100,000 times smaller than needed in traditional erbium doped materials.

This project looks to extend this work to other wavelengths and to use these materials to produce lasers using silica waveguide cavities.

The project will require the characterisation of new materials to understand and quantify the energy transfer processes occurring. Explore the effects of deposition conditions on the materials properties and the design and fabrication of the lasers.

The project will utilise our new ultra-high vacuum (UHV) organic deposition system which is housed in are dedicated organic photonics clean room.


BSc or MSc in physics, materials or electronic engineering

SPA Academics: William Gillin