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School of Physics and Astronomy

Atomic structure and optical properties of ultra-small quantum dots

Research Group:Centre for Condensed Matter and Material Physics

Full-time Project: yes


Project Description:

Quantum dots – materials reduced in size down to just a few nanometers – possess a range of interesting physical properties due to effect of quantum confinement of charge carriers (electrons and holes) and a large surface-to- volume ratio. These properties can be used in variety of applications including tagging of living cells and observation of communication in neuron networks. This project involves investigation and correlation of structural, electronic and optical properties of ultra-small (under 3nm) quantum dots.

These are relatively new and unexplored systems that possess a range of novel properties including reversible structural transformations, narrow absorption and emission spectra and an excellent potential for bio-conjugation. Experimental work under this project will include electron microscopy, x-ray absorption, Raman and photoluminescence measurements. Some of the experiments will also be carried out under high pressure. The overall aim of the project is to develop experimental methods for building structural models of these systems on the atomic level.

NANO LETTERS , 15, (2015) 7334-7340.



An interest in condensed matter physics. A good first degree in Physics/Chemistry/Materials Science.

SPA Academics: Andrei Sapelkin