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School of Physics and Astronomy

Fees and Funding


Tuition fees for postgraduate research degrees can be found at:

Funding a PhD

There is a variety of funding sources available to PhD students.  These include: QMUL Studentships; Research Council Studentships; and external funding bodies.  For more information see Funding a PhD.

QMUL Studentships (Home and International)

We offer a number of research studentships spread across our four research centres each year, which are normally tenable for up to three years.  The studentships cover tuition fees and provide maintenance at the base research council level.

The School also welcomes self-funded PhD students or those with funding from external bodies.

International funding awards

There is a range of externally funded awards available to overseas students for PhD study.  These include schemes such as those administered by the Commonwealth Scholarships Commission but also those run on a country-by-country basis, often in conjunction with QMUL, such as the China Scholarship Council scheme.