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School of Physics and Astronomy

Xueyan Hou


Research Student

Telephone: 0207 882 6561
Room Number: G. O. Jones Building, Room 220


1st Supervisor: Dr. John Dennis
2nd Supervisor: Dr. Isaac Abrahams

Project Title:Purification and Electronic structural characterisation of Bis-PC60BM isomers for organic photovoltaic application
Project Description:

Bis-PCBM, a well known accepter material in organic photovoltaics (OPV) devices, comes as a mixture of several structural isomers; a mixture of isomers with different electronic structures that yields good performance. OPV device based on single bis-PCBM isomer (removing the morphological disorder thereby increasing current) with excellent electronic structure (increasing the open circuit voltage) may bring the power convert efficiency closer to its theoretical maximum. Thus, purifying the mixture to isolated isomers is very important. Here, we achieved this goal using peak-recycling HPLC combined with three different columns. Overall, 19 isomers were purified from the mixture in 2 to 5 stages with purity exceeding 99.5% with respect to other isomers.

Then, a comprehensive characterisation of the different bis-PCBM isomers were carried out including the energy levels, solubility and crystallinity. We will analyse the performance together with the transport properties of the bis-PCBM isomer based OPV devices with different donors. The improved electronic properties and overall solar cell efficiency may be expected since less disorder would exist in the pure isomers.



China Scholarship Council (CSC)



  1. Shi W, Hou X, Liu T, Zhao X, et al. Purification and electronic characterisation of 18 isomers of the OPV acceptor material bis-[60] PCBM. Chem. Comm., 2017, 53: 975-978.
  2. Zhao X, Liu T, Hou X, et al. [60]PCBM Single Crystals: Remarkably Enhanced Band-like Charge Transport, Broadband UV-Visible-NIR Photo-responsivity and Improved Long-term Air-stability. J. Mater. Chem. C, 2018, 6: 5489-5496