School of Physics and Astronomy

Shivesh Paresh Mandalia

Shivesh Paresh

Research Student

Telephone: 0207 882 6567
Room Number: G. O. Jones Building, Room 402


1st Supervisor: Dr Teppei Katori
2nd Supervisor: Dr Jeanne Wilson

Project Title: New Physics in the Astrophysical Flavour Ratio at IceCube and IceCube DOM beamtest at the Fermilab Test Beam Facility
Project Description:

The IceCube Neutrino Observatory is a cubic-kilometer particle detector located at the South Pole. It consists of 5160 digital optical modules embedded in the ice, each containing a 10-inch photomultiplier tube. The highest energy astrophysical neutrinos observed at the IceCube Neutrino Observatory are used to search for anomalous signals from neutrino oscillations. The astrophysical neutrino flavour is one of the most powerful tools to look for new physics in the neutrino sector and a precise measurement of the flavour content at Earth will provide orders of magnitude improvement on new physics bounds.

The infrastructure at the Fermilab Test Beam Facility (FTBF) gives us a precise knowledge of the particles which are contained in the beamline. Using this knowledge, we made precise measurements of the IceCube digital optical module response in water at the secondary beamline, known as MTest, at the 1-32 GeV configuration, with pions, muons and electrons. Such direct photon measurements from particles can be used to develop a new particle identification (PID) between MIPs and electrons and will be most applicable in water and ice Cherenkov detectors, such as PINGU, which is the proposed lower energy upgrade in the next generation of IceCube experiment. By analysing the data we have collected, we plan to see if PID between MIPs and electrons is possible by using the technique of waveform discrimination, which would allow for PID on an event-by-event level from a single hit.



Science & Technologies Facilities Council (STFC)