School of Physics and Astronomy

Clark Edward Baker

Clark Edward

Research Student



1st Supervisor: Dr Guillem Anglada Escude
2nd Supervisor: Dr Lei Su

Project Title: High Resolution Stable Spectroscopy for Exoplanet Discovery and Characterisation.

Project Description:

Clark works on the design and construction of stable, high resolution spectrometers for exoplanet discovery and characterisation. His expertise are in instrumentation, specifically optical/mechanical design, electrical design and system stability – with a background in Physics and Astronomy.

Beyond a multitude of astronomy implementations, these spectrometers will be able to perform applications in energy technologies, environmental monitoring, material identification, anti-counterfeiting and beyond; with much higher precision than current technologies. This will open up entirely new possible uses – such as allowing detailed analysis of substances at airport customs or in food production, to insure that batches haven’t been contaminated with nut traces, for instance.


Examples of research funding:

Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) Studentship