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School of Physics and Astronomy

Dr Oliver Dicks


Postdoctoral Researcher

Room Number: G. O. Jones Building, Room 229
Twitter: @@oliver_dicks


I am a postdoctoral reseracher in the group of Kostya Trachenko, where my main research interests are the physics of glasses, amorphous materials and fundamental liquid dynamics. I am also a member of the EDI committee as the postdoc representative.

I work with experimental collaborators at PNNL, the University of Tennessee and the University of California Davis performing computational modelling of glasses for storing nuclear waste as part of an NEUP project.

Along with Aaron Diver a PhD student in our group, I collaborate with the developers of the large parallel molecular dynamics code DL-POLY to contribute on-the-fly analysis tools that analyzes changes in material structures during radiation cascades in large systems up to 10s of millions of atoms.

I also work with Cillian Cockrell modelling the structural and dynamical behaviour of high pressure and temperature liquids at or near the Frenkel line, as well as performing neutron diffraction experiments in order to test our theoretical predictions.

I began working at QMUL in 2017 after completing my EngD at UCL in 2017. I studied as an undergraduate at the University of Oxford.



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