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School of Physics and Astronomy

Fred Gannaway


Senior Technical Engineer

Telephone: 020 7882 6556
Room Number: G. O. Jones Building, Room 120



  • Woodcraft AL, Hollister MI, Bintley D et al. (2009). Thermal design and performance of the SCUBA-2 instrument 1-K and mK systems. nameOfConference

    QMRO: qmroHref
  • Bintley D, Woodcraft AL, Gannaway FC (2007). Millikelvin thermal conductance measurements of compact rigid thermal isolation joints using of copper and beryllium-copper sapphire-sapphire contacts, and demountable thermal contacts. nameOfConference

    QMRO: qmroHref
  • Deacon L, Boogert ST, Blair GA et al. (2007). ATF extraction line laser-wire system. nameOfConference

    DOI: doi

    QMRO: qmroHref
  • Duncan W, Audley D, Holland W et al. (2004). SCUBA-2 arrays to system interfaces. nameOfConference

    QMRO: qmroHref