School of Physics and Astronomy

Professor Reza Tavakol


Emeritus Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy

Telephone: 020 7882 6168
Room Number: G. O. Jones Building, Room 206


Research Interests:


Dynamics of the early and late universe; Large scale anisotropy; Cosmic topology;

Solar and Stellar Physics:

Nonlinear solar and stellar dynamos and solar and stellar variability.

Other interests:

Nonlinear dynamics; Philosophy of Science; Art; Art-Science interface



  Recent publications can be found at:

  arXiv eprint server

  NASA ADS Database

  SPIRES-HEP Database


Visual Arts

Moon and Oceans

Video installation (with Henna Aiskainen &  Silvana Macedo), 2005, Perth, Scotland

An  Other  Forest

 Installation (with Andrew Darke),  June 2014, Yorkely, Forest of Dean

Forests, Fragments of Memory

Installation (with Andrew Darke), May 2015, G511ERY Gallery, London


Convivencia at the Turnpike

Installation (with Haim Bresheeth): video, photographs, texts, part of `dis/placed', June 2015, Shoreditch Town Hall, London  




The memory of light (Memoria de la luz)

Book of poems (with Margarita Shultz), Cuarto Vientos, 2001


 Member of Centre for Poetry, QMUL




Time(s) of Photographs 

Essay on a found photograph (

Distant Gazes

Essay published in magazine `Uncertain States' , 2016