School of Physics and Astronomy

Dr Mark Baxendale


Reader in Nanotechnology

Telephone: 020 7882 5795
Room Number: G.O. Jones Building, Room 122


Research Interests:

My research interests

My overarching research interest is in self-organisation and emergent phenomena in the physical and life sciences. Nanotechnology - the understanding, characterisation, and manipulation of matter on the scale of several atoms to large macromolecules - is the vehicle for this activity. My prime focus is on the science and applications nanoscale carbon macromolecules (fullerenes, carbon nanotubes, and graphene) - considered to be the archetypal building blocks of nanotechnology - in the physical and life sciences. I also have the related interests: nano-bio interface phenomena, percolation in molecular networks, quantum electronic phenomena, and nanoscale magnetism.

Magnetic nanotubes for cancer therapy and imaging, Materials Today, March 2015

Accidental 'urchin' nanoparticle discovery could lead to a revolution in manufacturing, Kurzweil, September 2013