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School of Physics and Astronomy

Launch of new School of Physics and Astronomy

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Launch of the School of Physics and Astronomy [PDF 618KB]

Queen Mary, University of London

Tuesday 31st January 2012

Tuesday 31st January 2012 Download programme [PDF 618KB]

Physics and Astronomy at Queen Mary have undergone major changes in the recent past. These include:


  • the merger of Physics with the Astronomy Unit in August 2011 to form the new School of Physics and Astronomy,
  • the launch of the new Centre for Condensed Matter and Materials Physics in May 2011,
  • a tripling of undergraduate and PhD recruitment in the last four years, and
  • a more than £10M refurbishment programme committed over the period 2009-2015, creating an entirely new environment for the School.

We would like to celebrate the new School with an event highlighting the fundamental research done in its four dedicated Research Centres, and you are cordially invited to this afternoon of talks that will give an insight into this work. These will be at a non-expert level, with undergraduates and members of the public very welcome. The talks will be held in Room 602 in the GO Jones (Physics and Astronomy) building. As space is limited please contact Kathy Boydon on 7882 5050 or in order to reserve a place.

230: Particle Physics Research Centre

Jeanne Wilson       Neutrinos

Marcella Bona        The ATLAS experiment at the LHC

315: Centre for Condensed Matter and Materials Physics

Alan Drew               The importance of local structure in materials research

Alston Misquitta        Materials modelling

400: Tea

430: Centre for Research in String Theory

Sanjaye Ramgoolam        Strings and Hidden Geometries

Gabriele Travaglini        The Harmony of Scattering Amplitudes

515: Astronomy Unit

Jim Emerson          VISTA – New horizons in survey astronomy

Karim Malik               Cosmology

600: End


630: Inaugural Lecture

Participants are also invited to attend the separate Inaugural Lecture by David Burgess, Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy, entitled The Solar WInd: An Invisible Maelstrom, taking place at 6:30pm in the Draper's Lecture Theatre, Geography building Mile End. This will be followed by a reception - please separately book at if you would like to attend this inaugural lecture.

Prof WJ Spence

Head of School