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School of Physics and Astronomy

Dr Martin Archer wins Media Award

The School of Physics and Astronomy's Dr Martin Award was awarded the Best Opinion/Comment Piece in the Media and Public Relations category of QMUL's Engagement and Enterprise Awards 2018.

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His winning article and video, released to coincide with the movie 'Rogue One' discussed the Physics behind constructing a moon-sized space station like Star Wars' Death Star.

The Best Opinion/Comment Piece is given to a researcher who has written a persuasive and engaging piece which helps to shape public opinion or presents a unique analysis of their research. Dr Archer's work used current popular culture to discuss current methods of power generation and artificial gravity in space missions such as the International Space Station as well as introduce current research concepts into Dyson spheres, wonder materials, and nuclear fusion experiments. It gained worldwide coverage being featured in outlets such as the BBC World Service, Daily Mail, The Sun, Market Watch (USA), Salon (USA), Quartz (Australia), Xataka (Spain), Futura Sciences (France) and eNCA (South Africa).

Other finalists from the School of Physics and Astronomy included Prof. William Gillin who was shortlisted for the Bruce Dickinson QMUL Entrepeneur of the Year award and the SSFX (Space Sound Effects) Short Film Festival shortlisted for the Interact Public Engagement Award.