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School of Physics and Astronomy

You said - we did

You said: Social events withing the school were preventing some members from joining, due to them being too acohol focussed.

We did: We have diversified our social events to make everybody feel welcome.


You said: Long table discussions to discuss EDI issues across the board were requested.

We did: We organised our first long-table event in 2018 and are in the process of holding them regularly


You said: Representation from all levels (UG to staff) was desirable in the EDI committee.

We did: The EDI committee now included members from every level, including UG/BAME representative 


You said: The pool of high quality female seminar speakers in the UK is small in some fields resulting in over-demand for some speakers, there are many more potential speakers across Europe but this means higher travel costs.

We did: A portion of the Juno budget has been dedicated to supplement the seminar budgets. Seminar organisers should contact Jeanne Wilson with speaker proposals for additional funding (limited to one speaker per group per year).


You said: In 2011 Staff Survey, a number of staff indicated that the college induction was insufficient.

We did: We implemented an online staff induction form, given to all new starters, that will guide them through the necessary steps, policies and people to meet in the School. We regularly update this form based on feedback.


You said: A number of staff were unfamiliar with out policies (eg flexible working, career breaks, maternity plus)

We did: We have overhauled the staff intranet pages and report on policies at staff meetings and in the monthly school newsletter. We also arranged for a member of HR to talk about recent changes to parental leave policies at the October 2015 staff meeting.


 You said: In QMUL surveys staff report that they do not understand the promotions process or find appraisals useful.

We did: We have implemented 1-2-1 meetings between the Head of School and all academics and senior post-docs, and between all post-docs and Heads of Groups.


You said: In our 2014 staff survey a low response from post-docs, who were generally unfamiliar with school policies, suggested the post-doc cohort is less engaged in school life

We did: We established a post-doc forum that meets informally once per term. Feedback collated anonymously is fed back to school management.


You said: (Post-docs) We would like more support from our line managers to teach, should we be interested in doing so.

We did: Post-docs will be included in requests for demonstrating, problem classes and other teaching assignments.


You said: (Post-docs) Appraisals conducted by a line-manager you report to regularly are not so useful.

We did: In addition to the QMUL-wide appraisal scheme, we have implemented annual 1-2-1 meetings for post-docs with either the Head of School or Head of a different research group.


 You said: (Post-docs) We would like more careers guidance / events

We did: The post-doc forum worked with the careers service to set up a speed-networking careers event with representatives from a range of careers in March 2016.

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