School of Physics and Astronomy

EDI committee members

Dr Costis PapageorgakisEDI Director and Gender Champion: Costis Papageorgakis (Academic, CRST)

I work in theoretical high-energy physics and string theory. I first got interested in EDI as the husband of a woman in STEM. I feel that there is no place for discrimination of any kind in a modern workplace and society.


Karim MalikBAME Champion: Karim Malik (Academic, AU)

I believe strongly in equality and creating a diverse place of work and opportunity for all. I volunteered as BAME Champion to help achieve this. I hope to give students, from BAME and non-BAME backgrounds, a role model they can aspire to.


Eram Rizvi EDILGBT+ Champion: Eram Rizvi (Academic, PPRC)

I believe strongly in equality and creating a diverse place of work and opportunity for all. I volunteered as LGBT+ Champion to help achieve this. The world has changed a lot since I came out in my late teens, but there remains a lot of work to be done.


Sophie King EDISophie King (Postdoc, PPRC)

I am a particle physicist, having done my PhD at Southampton and QMUL. I work on an experiment called T2K in Japan, which involves my doing a lot of traveling! I run the post doc forums, which we like to keep informal to encourage communication between groups.


Srividhya Kulandaivelu (PA to Head of School)

As the Secretary for the School EDI committee, I am responsible for arranging committee meetings, and also communicating and coordinating with other School committee secretaries to ensure EDI issues are embedded and discussed across the board.


Jenna LaneJenna Lane (EU Project Manager, SAGEX)

I am a scientific project manager with a particular interest in equality and diversity. In my spare time I am a campaigner on women’s rights issues across Africa.



David MulryneDavid Mulryne (Academic, AU)

I am a cosmologist. I believe that science should be accessible to all, and benefits hugely from diversity. I’m particularly interested in how we can improve access to science degrees and careers, and work as a mentor for the Destination STEMM programme, and as a tutor for the Access Project.


Paula SoaresPaula Soares (PhD Student, AU)

I am a PhD student in Cosmology. My research involves combining theory and data for upcoming surveys such as SKA and Euclid. I've been involved in Women in Physics groups in the past and have now joined the EDI committee.


Anthony PhillipsAnthony Phillips (Academic, CCMMP)

I am a condensed matter physicist, working on designing new materials with interesting and useful properties. I joined the committee to help dismantle the barriers that prevent talented people from taking their place in physics.


Adil MianAdil Mian (UG and BAME Student Representative)

As a BSc Physics student my aim is to ensure that my peers are given a STEM education that is representative of our environment. We should feel included in the curriculum as BAME students. I hope to achieve tangible change during my time at Queen Mary.

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