School of Physics and Astronomy

Diversity Good Practice

Lunch-time Diversity events. The first in this series addressed caring issues with a talk through the various policies from a member of HR followed by a question and answer session. 24-4-2014. The handout from the event is available here.

Maternity Plus. In addition to the normal maternity entitlements, the School is pleased to offer female academics on permanent full time Academic and Education (Teaching and Research) contracts the opportunity to apply for ‘Maternity Plus’. The Maternity Plus initiative will provide a Research Associate*, funded by the School, for up to 15 months to continue the academic’s research programme while they are on maternity leave. As well as continuing the day-to-day research, the Research Associate will help with postgraduate supervision, maintain contact with collaborators, keep abreast of developments in the field and assist the academic in returning to work after her leave. All staff returning to work after a prolonged period of absence will be given lighter teaching and administrative loads. *The RA would only normally be provided to academics who do not already have RA support available. It would only be available for one period of maternity leave per academic.

School meetings are held during core working hours (10am-4pm)

New School Induction Scheme. Available on staff intranet pages now.

A Graduate student Forum is being established to provide a means for graduate students to discuss issues and voice any concerns.

We have inclusive schemes within the School such as PASS, a course-based mentoring scheme where first-years are given the opportunity to explore their problems with higher-year students (mentors) in a friendly, informal environment. We monitor gender statistics for attendance at these sessions which provide social support as well as academic.

The Award winning PsiStar physics society provide an opportunity for all students to interact, gain physics knowledge and interest and experience some of London's great attractions through a series of inclusive events.

The Hemara Scholarship offered by the school is to support a student who wishes to gain a physics degree, but may face barriers to higher education.