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School of Physics and Astronomy

Recent Developments in Organic Photovoltaics

11 December 2014

Time: 12:00pm
Venue: GO Jones Room 610

CCMMP Seminars
Prof J.C. (Kees) Hummelen
Dr John Dennis

There is an intense activity of research and development in the field of photovoltaics. It is highly interesting to see how concepts, methods, materials, and technical knowhow that have been developed in originally quite separated research fields are now being used and mixed in a much more interactive and inventive way. The fact that the overall PV market is growing in a seemingly unstoppable way – a whopping 50GWp might be installed worldwide in 2014!- is a strong driver for investment in photovoltaics R&D. Organic PV (OPV) is certainly one of the candidates for the future. At the end, it is all about making PV modules or foils at low cost, using green materials and processes, on a terawatts/year scale, showing high power conversion efficiency, and a lifetime of tens of years. Organic has exact the promise to do all of this, but it still has a long way to go. I will show some spectacular and recently achieved R&D developments, to show that the field is very alive and kicking. Finally, I will explain how the FOM Focus Group ‘Next Generation Organic Photovoltaics’ is trying to develop potentially revolutionary OPV materials.