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PhD Projects in CCMMP

Project Title Supervisor
Ab initio methods for electronic charge-transfer Alston Misquitta
Carbon nanotubes in suspension; Rotation & translation of mesoscopic cylinders in electric fields. Kevin Donovan
Creating organic field effect transistors using polymer single crystals. Kevin Donovan
Fluctuations in crystals by neutron and x-ray scattering Anthony Phillips Prof Martin Dove
High-pressure studies of crystals Anthony Phillips Prof Martin Dove
Interaction energy models based on the denstiy Alston Misquitta
Interrogating the dynamics of conjugated polymers using neutron scattering and molecular dynamics David Dunstan
A new generation of interaction models Alston Misquitta
Radiation damage of steels used in the nuclear industries Kostya Trachenko Prof Martin Dove
The Size Effect: Theory and Experiment David Dunstan
Why do some materials shrink instead of expanding when heated? Prof Martin Dove
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