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School of Physics and Astronomy

Organic Up and Down-conversion phosphors

Research Group:Centre for Condensed Matter and Materials Physics

Full-time Project: yes




Project Description:

Phosphors are widely used for shifting the energy of light between different wavelengths. This can vary from up-conversion phosphors which are used to convert infrared light into visible through to down conversion phosphors which take high energy photons and convert them to lower energies.

Lanthanide ions have widely been used for these applications due to the range of excited state energies available within the different lanthanide ions. However, to date the most efficient phosphors are all based on inorganic materials (glasses) where fine control of ion spacing, required for good energy transfer, cannot be controlled.

We have developed organic materials that allow us to control ion-ion distances and we can couple this with deposition techniques which allow us to obtain very high internal quantum efficiencies. This project will investigate a range of both up-conversion and down-conversion phosphors using these organic materials.


BSc or MSc in physics, materials or electronic engineering

SPA Academics: William Gillin