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School of Physics and Astronomy

New understanding of physics of supercritical state

Research Group:Center for Condensed Matter and Materials Physics

Full-time Project: yes

Project Description:

According to current understanding, no differences can be made between a gas and a liquid above the critical point, an abrupt terminus of the liquid-gas coexisting line. Recently, we have discovered that this is not the case, and that the phase diagram of matter should be modified. We have proposed that a new line ("Frenkel line") exists on the phase diagram above the critical point at arbitrarily high pressure and temperature, and which separates two physically distinct states of matter. Crossing the line corresponds to qualitative changes of the key physical properties of the system, including viscosity, diffusion, thermal conductivity and speed of sound.

This project will use the combination of theory, molecular dynamics simulations and experiments to advance our current understanding of the Frenkel line and supercritical properties.

SPA Academics: Kostya Trachenko