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School of Physics and Astronomy

Dual ion dual carbon batteries

Research Group:Center for Condensed Matter and Materials Physics

Full-time Project: yes

Project Description:

This  project is aimed at synthesizing, fabricating and characterising dual ion batteries,  where both electrodes are mesporous/nanoporous carbons. For the anode, it will involve hydrothermal synthesis from (waste) biomass, using a variety of  reagents and conditions,  to make a  porous ‘hard carbon’. The  cathode will use a similar (waste) biomass feedstock,  but will be synthesized with low temperature  (<1500C)  graphetisation using Ni or Fe catalysts, to form a graphitic carbon.  Characterisation techniques include electron microscopy, electrochemical charging/discharging, complex impedence, cyclic voltammetry,  XRD, Raman, XPS, SAXS, neutron scattering, x-ray absorption spectroscopy.  Some of the techniques will be done using in-situ in-operando cells.


SPA Academics: Alan Drew