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School of Physics and Astronomy

Dr Alston J. Misquitta

Congratulations to Dr Alston J. Misquitta who has received an International Exchange Cost Share (with CNRS) grant of ¬£10.8K from the Royal Society. 


This is to facilitate a project titled `Modelling soot formation in engines : First principles force-fields from CamCASP to Tinker-HP' where he will work closely with Prof Jean-Philip Piquemal and Dr Louis Lagardere (both from UPMC at Sorbonne Université). The project is to bring the advanced interaction models being developed in the Misquitta group to the extensive simulation community centred around the Tinker and Tinker-HP codes.

Initially the focus will be on soot models (working in collaboration with Prof Marcus Kraft from Cambridge), but the possible applications will be vastly increased through the ERC Synergy grant on the Extreme-scale project Mathematically-based Computational Chemistry (EMC2) led by a team at the Sorbonne, with Dr Misquitta as the UK partner.