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Congratulations to Kemal Keseroglu for a successful PhD viva.

Our congratulations to Kemal Keseroglu (Dr Andrei Sapelkin) who successfully passed his PhD viva on 7th December 2017. The title of the thesis is "Super-Resolution Imaging via Spectral Separation of Quantum Dots” and is now available online.

15 December 2017

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After nearly 4 hours “grilling" he escaped unscathed with only minor corrections. Comments from the external examiner were: “Kemal showed an impressive performance on a very innovative and a challenging project”. Our thanks are due to Dr Theo Kreouzis for acting as an internal and to Dr Marc Vendrell from Edinburgh University for accommodating the viva into his very tight schedule. The viva has been timed perfectly for Kemal is moving on to take a PostDoc position at the University of Cincinnati, USA in early January 2018. We wish him all the success in his future career.



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