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PhD Theses

Our thanks go to our students who have given permission for their PhD theses to be reproduced here.


Rodney Baldwin: Charge transport properties of reactive calamitic liquid crystals [PDF 1,947KB]


Pabitra ShakyaCharge Injection and Magneto-transport Studies in Small Molecule Organic Light Emitting Diodes [PDF 3,094KB]

Pratik DesaiOrganic-Magnetoresistance in Aluminium tris(8-hydroxyquinolinate) Light Emitting Diodes [PDF 1,086KB]


Ahmad Ghandour: Carbon nanotubes under pressure: A Raman study [PDF 4,796KB]

Rendy TanSynthesis and characterisation of perfluorinated lanthanide complexes for near-infrared applications [PDF 27,772KB]

Seema BarardTime-of-Flight Charge Transport Studies on Triarylamine and Thiophene Based Polymers [PDF 5,914KB]

Christopher Morgan: Gas Sensing With Carbon Nanotube Networks [PDF 6,540KB]


Song JingyaoCharge transport and excited states in organic semiconductors [PDF 2,463KB]

Stephen Hudziak: Iron-Filled Carbon Nanotubes: Synthesis, Characterisation, and Applications [PDF 21,448KB]

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