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The MSc project: Access expertise, research inspiring physics, aquire skills

The research project is a major component of an MSc. It is a fantastic opportunity to acquire valuable research skills and carry out high level physics or astronomy research supervised by an academic member of staff.

The project gives students scope to work independently and critically on the topic of interest to them. It may be a theoretical topic, or it may involve computational work, or analysis of observational work by others. Outline research topics are proposed by academic supervisors but will often be tailored by students to reflect their interests and the direction that their research takes them.

For an idea of a small number types of projects undertaken in recent years, take a look at the following list, split by subject area: 

The following are available for both MSc and Euromaster’s students

Astrophysics projects

Particle physics projects

Theoretical physics projects

Condensed matter physics projects

Many more projects are made available each year.

Image credit: NASA/ESA/G.Bacon, STSc

Published on: 
Tuesday, May 3, 2016

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