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Meet the MSc Physics Director Dr Rodolfo Russo

Hear more from the staff leading the MSc programes in the School of Physics and Astronomy. Dr Russo tells us more about the things he finds exciting about the Physics and Euromasters MSc programmes:

I am a member of the Centre for Research into String Theory at the School of Physics and Astronomy and the Director of the School’s MSc physics programmes (both Physics MSc and the Euromaster).

My research currently focuses on studying how string theory modifies Einstein's gravity in some extreme regimes (such as those relevant to high energy scattering and black hole solutions in strong gravitational fields). In general I'm interested in the connections between string and quantum field theories.

It's exciting to be involved in the development of the Euromasters/MSc programmes from the beginning: we add new features every year, such as new modules, new research projects that are offered in different fields, etc. It is also very satisfying to see that a number of our students were able to successfully continue their research career with a PhD in physics departments across UK.

Thanks for your interest in postgraduate study at Queen Mary!

Dr Rodolfo Russo

Published on: 
Thursday, January 14, 2016

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