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Find out how an MSc in particle physics led directly to a teaching job at a university for international alumnus Intesar Zalloum.

What attracted you to the MSc at QMUL?

Queen Mary University of London is a research led university, meaning that as a postgraduate physics student you benefit from the knowledge and skills of internationally renowned academics who are committed to training the next generation of physicists. One of the most critical and influential aspects of my experience at QMUL was the ever present sense of community. The School of Physics and Astronomy, in particular, created an inviting and inspiring environment in which I could grow to take advantage of opportunities I had not previously envisioned. The outstanding set of academics and courses make this department strong and unique.

Additionally, the vast amount of assistance available helped me obtain a complete grasp of each physics course I took. With its excellent, well-rounded programme, QMUL helped me build the tools, experience, and confidence necessary to succeed in my career as a particle physicist.

What are you doing now?

My MSc at QMUL was an excellent way to enrich and advance my teaching and research career. Immediately following the completion of my MSc with distinction, I was given a physics instructor position at the Palestine Polytechnic University.

The knowledge, tools and concepts I gained during my MSc courses and my research project gave me a solid grounding in particle physics and related fields. This will certainly pave the way to pursue a PhD in particle physics or cross over into the medical field in which I can serve as a medical physicist in medical imaging or medical accelerators.

Published on: 
Friday, April 8, 2016

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