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Seminars for pg taught students

All postgraduate students are encouraged to participate in college-based seminars and to consider joining the Royal Astronomical Society.

There are Astronomy Seminars on Fridays during term time, currently starting at 14.30. The seminars cover a wide range of topics of current astronomical and astrophysical interest. Full-time MSc students are strongly encouraged to attend; part-time students are most welcome to attend if their schedules permit. Astronomy Seminars do not take place on the second Friday of the month (October - May) because of Royal Astronomical Society meetings on those days.

The Royal Astronomical Society (RAS) is the principal professional organisation for astronomers in the UK. It is based at Burlington House, Piccadilly, and attractions of belonging to the Society include its monthly day-long meetings and use of the Society's extensive library collection. For meeting topics and venues, see

The Postgraduate Astronomy Seminar runs at 4pm on Fridays after the main Astronomy seminar, and again MSc students are very welcome to attend.

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