School of Physics and Astronomy

The complex stellar populations of Galactic (and extragalactic?) globular clusters

6 December 2013

Time: 2:30pm
Venue: Queens EB2

Series: Astronomy Unit Seminars
Astronomy Unit Seminars
Prof. Maurizio Salaris (U. Liverpool John Moores)
Yiannis Tsapras

Globular clusters have been traditionally considered as perfect examples of simple stellar populations, made of stars sharing the same age and initial chemical composition. This paradigm has been broken during the last few years by accurate spectroscopic and photometric observations, and improved theoretical analyses. Current views on the stellar content of globular clusters will be discussed in detail, together with the main ideas about the formation of the different stellar generations hosted by individual clusters, and implications for the study of extragalactic unresolved globulars and the long standing problem of the horizontal branch morphology in these clusters.