School of Physics and Astronomy

Statistical mechanics of Jupiter jets and vortices

1 February 2013

Time: 2:30pm
Venue: See Talk Details

Astronomy Unit Seminars
Prof Freddy Bouchet (Ecole Normale Superieure, Lyon)


        ** N.B., this is a joint AU-DSSP (math) seminar  **

**  note also the change in venue from the usual room: GOJ 602  ** 


We consider the formation of large scale structures (zonal jets and 
vortices), in planetary atmospheres. We will prove that modern 
statistical mechanics approaches predict the outcome of the very complex
dynamics of geostrophic turbulence and predict jet and vortex structures
and shapes.

Based on the equilibrium statistical mechanics of the quasi-geostrophic 
dynamics, we will discuss a model of the Great Red Spot of Jupiter, and 
of other Jovian vortices. We will discuss the non-equilibrium 
statistical mechanics of Jupiter jets.

Large deviation theory is the basic mathematical tool on which those 
results are built. We will discuss the relations between large deviation
and fluid mechanics at a basic level.