School of Physics and Astronomy


28 September 2012

Time: 2:30pm
Venue: GO Jones Room 410

Series: Astronomy Unit Seminars
Speaker: Dr. Carlos Hidalgo (University of Portsmouth)
 Abstract: Dark matter in astrophysics is indirectly detected through its gravitational effects in luminous matter. However, its elusive nature has so far prevented a direct observation. This opens the alternative interpretation of astrophysical phenomena as the manifestation of modified gravity (MG).

In this talk I will review the set of astrophysical and cosmological observations, usually attributed to the dark sector, from the perspective of modified gravity. I will highlight the achievements of MG theories and the drawbacks for a complete theory. The main motivation of this work are recent analyses of the dynamics of wide binary star systems and clusters of stars. Both seem to favour a modified gravitational dynamics and challenge the dark matter picture instead. A phenomenological MG theory fitting these observations is finally put forward.