School of Physics and Astronomy

Astronomy Unit Seminar -- Cosmology from the anisotropic power spectrum with Euclid

19 February 2020

Time: 2:00 - 3:30pm
Speaker: Dida Markovic
Venue: G.O Jones Building, Room 610

Euclid will be the first experiment to observe redshift space distortions from space. This way it will be able to survey the sky, not limited by distortions in the Earth’s atmosphere. The design of the survey and the instrument will enable us to reach 1% precision in the power spectrum. This will give us the power to conduct unprecedented tests of Einstein’s gravity and the expansion history of the universe. However this will also mean that we must reach an unprecedented understanding of our systematic effects, whether coming from our instrument or the foreground sky. It will also mean we will need to ensure our theories are adequate to be tested against such precise data.
In this talk I will describe Euclid - our instrument, our survey, and our science. I will describe the challenges in understanding its systematics and I will present some results from my recent work on testing two competing models for non-linear large scale structure.