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School of Physics and Astronomy

G. O. Jones Building

The G.O. Jones Building accommodates most of the activities of physics teaching and research. Undergraduates are allowed in the building from 08.30 to 18.00 Monday to Friday during term-time or at other times for prearranged meetings. Note that there is electronic access control on many doors of the building and your Student Card, which you must have with you at all times while in University, will allow entry and egress during permitted hours. You must ensure you leave the building on time; if you become accidentally locked in then phone Security on 5000 from the telephone in the Entrance Hall. If you need to be in the building outside these times you must have written authority from your Adviser. Meetings of undergraduates, including student society meetings, may take place outside these hours only with the permission of the School Manager. Organisers should obtain permission at least one week in advance; a charge may be made for portering staff to man the front desk.

Most QMUL campuses are smoke-free and the use of electronic cigarettes are permitted in outside spaces only. For information on designated areas on the Mile End campus for people to smoke please see Smoking Policy.

Mobile telephones must be switched off within the building except in the entrance lobby, on staircases and landings, this is due to the interference they cause to equipment within the building.

In the room numbering system, the first digit indicates the floor and subsequent numbers indicate individual rooms numbered from the south (Mile End Road) end of the building; note that there is an Upper Ground (UG) and Lower Ground (LG) floor. Contact details for staff and research students can be found here.

The University lecture rooms in this building are the G.O. Jones Lecture Theatre (G.O. Jones:LT), and rooms G.O. Jones:UG1, G.O. Jones:LG1 and G.O. Jones:LG7. Undergraduate laboratories are on the 2nd floor. A library of physics related material is available from the teaching laboratory technicians. Hot and cold drinks are available from a vending machine on the second floor between the North and South blocks and the Museum area on the first floor may be used for private study.

Please adhere to all health and safety related signage while on site.