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Channel 4’s “How to Beat” series focuses on SMD research

The Channel 4 series “How to Beat” reports on the work of SMD academic Dr Madusha Peiris's obesity trial. 


Channel 4’s “How to Beat” series reports on the work of Dr Madusha Peiris

Dr Madusha Peiris from Queen Mary University of London appeared on Channel 4’s series ‘How to Beat’ last Thursday whereby 10 volunteers with a history of failed dieting adopt simple techniques to help them to lose weight in just six weeks.

Dr Peiris, Research Fellow at the Blizard institute, has devised a colon-targeted nutraceutical approach to promote weight loss by reducing calorie intake in obese people thereby preventing associated health complications. This safe approach has been shown to stimulate a feeling of satiety and reduce food intake at meal times in a Phase I study of 20 volunteers with BMI of 30-40. Queen Mary has patented IP on the unique combination of nutrients that Dr Peiris and her team have invented.

This opportunity offers the potential to safely address the global obesity problem, which costs the NHS an estimated £6 billion a year in the UK alone. Obesity is associated with increased risk of developing type II diabetes, coronary heart disease, breast cancer, bowel cancer and stroke. 

Watch the show here

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