Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry


Queen Mary COVID-19 research and media engagement


Suspected COVID-19 in primary care: how GP records contribute to understanding differences in prevalence by ethnicity

Preprint article by Dr Sally Hull, Reader in Primary Care, Institute of Population Health Studies


Ethnicity and outcomes in patients hospitalised with COVID-19 infection in East London: an observational cohort study

Preprint article from Blizard and William Harvey Research Institute researchers


Greater risk of severe COVID-19 in Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic populations is not explained by cardiometabolic, socioeconomic or behavioural factors, or by 25(OH)-vitamin D status: study of 1326 cases from the UK Biobank

Research study by Dr Zahra Raisi-Estabragh and Prof Steffen Petersen from the William Harvey Research Institute


Media engagement: 

Coronavirus: South Asian people most likely to die in hospital

BBC article related to the above study, by Dr Zahra Raisi-Estabragh and Prof Steffen Petersen from the William Harvey Research Institute


Obesity is a major risk factor in people becoming severely ill or dying from Covid-19.

Telegraph article reporting on study from William Harvey Research Institute researchers


Obesity and covid-19: the role of the food industry

BMJ article from Professors Feng He and Graham MacGregor, and Monique Tan, PhD researcher, William Harvey Research Institute


Genetic analysis of thousands of coronavirus patients may explain huge differences in case severity 

Reuters article on the Genomics England study led by Professor Sir Mark Caulfield, William Harvey Research Institute


The coronavirus divide: Why five groups are dying more than they should

In this Sky News article, Professor Seif Shaheen, Blizard Institute, explores the link between increased Covid-19 infection rates and BAME communities (Section 5 of article)


UK public health bodies reviewing vitamin D's effects on coronavirus

Guardian article in which Professor Adrian Martineau says deaths among BAME NHS staff have brought the question of vitamin D deficiency to the fore. 


Coronavirus destroys jobs and worsens inequality, with or without full lockdown

Opinion piece in The Conversation from Dr Tim Lee, Reader in Economics


Why gender matters in the impact and recovery from Covid-19

Lowry Institute article co-authored by Professor Sophie Harman, School of Politics


Disabled Women Have Been Hit Worst Of All By Lockdown

Huffington Post article featuring analysis from Women’s Budget Group, Fawcett Society, Queen Mary University of London (Professor Sophie Harman, School of Politics) and London School of Economics shows social isolation has hit disabled women the hardest. 


Solitary citizens: the politics of loneliness

Guardian article on solitude by Professor Barbara Taylor, Schools of History and English & Drama



Equality and diversity implications of the coronavirus pandemic

Queen Mary Centre for Research in Equality & Diversity (CRED) blog

Solitude in the time of Covid-19

Blogs series from Professor Barbara Taylor, Schools of History and English & Drama