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Digitised records

Browse and search digitised records of St Bartholomew's Hospital Medical College archive

Early student registers and issues of the St Bartholomew's Hospital Journal are now accessible and searchable. The digitisation of these records was generously funded by the Medical College of St Bartholomew's Hospital Trust.

These records are held by Barts Health NHS Trust Archives and Museums. For more information about their collections, browse and search the catalogue.

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These registers record details about the medical students who entered St Bartholomew's Hospital Medical College between 1906-1934.

Information typical recorded in the entries include: name; preliminary examination; date of birth; home address (including the name of the student's father or other relative); date entered; lectures: subject, number attended, session during which attended; demonstrations: subject, number attended, session during which attended; clinical appointments; scholarships and prizes, and examinations passed.

Medical College Undergraduate Student Register


The Journal is a rich resource for understanding student life and experience from 1893 onwards.

Issues include: medical articles, observations and case histories; information about courses and syllabus; examination results and prizes; reports on Hospital and College activities including clubs and societies; anecdotal stories and poems; illustrations and photographs; letters to the Editor; book reviews; obituaries, and notices of births, deaths and marriages.

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