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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Bismah Javaid

Bismah is studying BA German and Business.

Programme of study

German with Business management

What advice would you give to new students thinking about studying with us?

If you are thinking about joining us in SLLF you are heading in the right direction! This is because studying a language means that you will be able to gain transferable skills which will help you thrive in your future career. The School offers many resources which will aid you in your study of learning a language even if you are an ab-initio student learning from scratch. Our school also facilitates language labs which enables you to practice speaking your target language more confidently with other peers at the same level as you!

Why did you choose to study at QMUL?

One of the many reasons I chose to study at QMUL was because of the unparalleled diversity and inclusive community. This aspect aligns well with my values which encouraged me to choose QMUL. Also, as it is a reputable university the teaching standards are high which is something I was particularly conscious of when looking at universities. Working in an environment with modern infrastructure motivates and inspires individuals to strive and achieve their goals.

What attracted you to your programme?

What attracted me to this programme was the mix of modules that would allow my skills to develop in different areas. For example, some modules contain the history and economics of Germany whilst others contain the linguistics of the German language (poems etc.) and this strengthened my interest in wanting to study this at degree level. In addition, the year abroad was also very appealing to me as I know that this will provide many opportunities for me where I will be able to apply my versatile set of skills into the real working life.

What do you enjoy the most about your course/QMUL?

One of the things I enjoy the most about my course is the transition from learning a new culture and language to learning the financial elements of the world. This excites me as I am always learning something new and keeps me focused.

How do you think studying your degree is helping you to reach your future career goals?

I think studying this degree will help me reach my future career goals as it will broaden my horizon as I will be able to access more opportunities with my study abroad. This is because I will be able to grasp how the working life is with first-hand experience which will make me prepared and ready for the future. Also, as this degree is very versatile many fields of work are open to me and with the confidence that will flourish throughout the years I will be able to spot opportunities and take them.

How do you like to spend your time away from your studies?

In my free time I like to spend my time outside where I can explore and be creative. Going to parks is the first thing I do when I have free time because I feel relaxed and excited in that environment. I also love to spend time with my family especially my cat because I feel extremely joyful around them.

What you would like to do after you finish your studies?

After I finish my studies I would like to pursue a career perhaps in Germany, in the corporate world following a business route.

Do you have any advice for students moving to/ studying in London?

Some advice that I would give to students moving into London would be to make the most of your time here and seize any opportunity you can and remember to have fun!

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