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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Nathalie Grey


Alumni Engagement Coordinator (HSS)




  • Develop and implement activities to engage HSS alumni, in line with the DDAE’s Strategy and the Enabling Plan of the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS), in support of the University’s Strategy 2030.
  • Develop and take on the overall management of a schedule of HSS alumni events, both in the UK and internationally, in line with agreed budgets.
  • Work closely with Professional Services, Global Engagement, and academic colleagues in the Faculty, to identify and develop opportunities for alumni involvement, including student recruitment activity (e.g. recruitment fairs and offer holder receptions).
  • Support the Alumni Engagement Manager in generating, gathering, writing and editing content (both text and images) for digital communications targeted at HSS alumni, ensuring work is to a high standard and consistent with University-wide branding guidelines. Play a proactive role in establishing new and interesting ways to communicate with alumni.
  • Establish good working relationships and collaborate with Professional Services and Academic colleagues in Schools, e.g. Alumni Managers and Marketing teams, to share and generate content of relevance and interest to HSS alumni.
  • Build relationships with the student body to develop close links with relevant clubs and societies and ensure communication and interaction between these groups and alumni cohorts.
  • Engage with the student body to secure their interest and involvement with the alumni community prior to graduation.
  • Work closely with DDAE and other professional services colleagues to promote HSS-focused activities in printed and electronic communications, including e-Newsletters and web content, and through social networking sites, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and platforms popular outside of the UK.
  • Play a key role in the marketing of the Queen Mary Network, an online platform delivered by Aluminati,to HSS alumni and the student body.
  • Maintain excellent communication with colleagues in DDAE and throughout HSS, as well as the wider University, to ensure a coordinated approach to HSS alumni engagement. Serve as the primary point of contact across the University for all HSS alumni-related issues.
  • Utilise the alumni database to its full capacity to record and monitor trends in HSS alumni activity, including recording details of key volunteers, running queries, processing registrations, extracting data and updating records as appropriate.
  • Work with colleagues in the DDAE’s Operations team to ensure all new data received as a result of the delivery of events (including attendee lists) and communications is fed into the alumni database consistently and accurately.
  • Support the DDAE in the delivery of key performance indicators (KPIs) to demonstrate the value of Faculty-focused alumni engagement. Implement processes for effective recording and continuous monitoring and improvement of activity.
  • Measure overall satisfaction of the HSS alumni experience and develop processes for feedback and evaluation.
  • Contribute to analysis and case studies for reports on HSS alumni engagement activity.
  • Make a positive and proactive contribution to raising the profile of Development and Alumni Engagement activity with colleagues and students at a School-level, within HSS, and across the University.
  • Support and make a positive contribution towards the delivery of a high-quality service.


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