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Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan and Latin American Studies Research

 Research areas in Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan and Latin American Studies  

Book Cover, Escritores da diáspora Brasileira

  • Cuban literature, film, art, and culture
  • Exile and Diaspora Studies
  • Multilingualism, translation and Latino Studies
  • Cultural memory: language, literature, oral history, identity, and the State in Latin America
  • Central American Studies
  • Poetry and Poetics of Cultural Resistance
  • Transnational and multilingual perspectives in terms of culture, migration, and cultural production under duress
  • Gender, Sexuality and the State
  • Brazilian Literary Production Abroad
  • Brazilian Cinema and World Cities (Rio and São Paulo)
  • Gender in Latin American Cinema
  • Contemporary Mexican literature, in particular by female writers
  • Contemporary Mexican Theatre
  • Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Latin American Cultural History and History of Ideas
  • Latin American Cultural Theory
  • Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Latin American Literary History and Criticism
  • Race and Culture in Nineteenth Century Colombian thought
  • Nineteenth-Century Colombian Literary Press

Book cover of Misera Hispana by Rosa Vidal Doval

  • Medieval Spanish history
  • Medieval anti-Semitism, conversos, religious polemics
  • Medieval preaching and sermons, religious conversion
  • Cultural memory: language, literature, oral history, identity, and the State in Spain
  • Medieval and early modern history of the emotions comparative history of madness (Spain, France and England, 1200-1900)
  • The writings of Juan Luis Vives, Teresa of Ávila, John of the Cross, Mateo Alemán and Cervantes and their translations in early modern France and England
  • Autobiographical writing (from medieval women’s autobiographies and letters to soldiers’ letters and diaries from the First World War)
  • Travel writing
  • Twentieth-century art and literature in historical context
  • Fascist culture (Spain, Germany and Italy)
  • Gender, ethnicity, and cultural identity in contexts of mobility and displacement
  • Representations of migration in cultural media, especially photography, film and music

  • Twentieth and twenty-first century Catalan literature
  • Film
  • Theatre
  • Art
  • Linguistic policy
  • Translation 

Book Cover Teatro Hispánico y su puesta en escena by J. London

  • Censorship and drama production during Franco's regime in Spain
  • Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Drama
  • Comparative European Theatre

Book cover of Spanish Film, Theatre and Literature in the Twentieth Century

  • Cuban film
  • Brazilian Cinema and World Cities (Rio and São Paulo)
  • Lusophone African Cinema
  • Documentary Photography from Spain, Latin America and other regions
  • Gender in Latin American Cinema
  • Cinematic treatments of medieval subjects

Book cover of Mundos en Palabras: Learning Advanced Spanish Through Translation

  • Second language acquisition
  • Identity & language
  • Applied linguistics
  • E-learning
  • Translation Studies
  • Inclusive Language Education
  • Digital technology
  • ELE (research on Spanish as a Foreign Language)
  • Multilingualism
  • Pedagogic Translation
  • Audiovisual translation in language teaching
  • Catalan and Spanish as a foreign and second language
  • Learned borrowing in the Romance languages
  • Linguistic register in the history of Spanish
  • Romance historical syntax

Carme Calduch

  • Innovative Education Projects at UNED (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, Spain).
  • SONAR - Subtitulación sOcial para proporcioNar Accesibilidad audiovisual en la univeRsidad
  • VICTOR - VoIce-over aCtiviTies to imprOve oRal productionskills

Dr Elena Carrera

Dr Patricia D’Allemand

  • ‘Nineteenth-Century Colombian writers in the European and Latin American Press’ (with University of Los Andes, Colombia).
  • ‘Hacia una historiografía literaria comparada de ambas Américas para el siglo XIX’ (with UNAM, Mexico).

Dr Mar Encinas-Puente

  • Successful bids for HEFCE Student Opportunity Funding for Widening Access and Outreach activities: collaboration with the Sacred Heart Catholic School in the London Borough of Southwark.
  • International Credit Mobility Grants between QMUL and our partner institutions in Mexico, Universidad de Guadalajara, and Colombia, Universidad de Los Andes.
  • Editor of MLS-Educational Reseach ISSN: 2603-5820

Professor Omar García

  • Cuban and Cuban-American Discourses of Sexuality in Transhemispheric Contexts: The Subject and the State.
  • Fractal Aesthetics and Intersectionality: Text, Image, and Identity in the Hispanic Caribbean.
  • Migrant Identities, Marginalization and Mental Health: Literary and Cultural Manifestations.
  • Heterotopías: Fronteras de Resistencia Cultural.

Professor John London

  • Comic theatre in Catalan.
  • Translation, both verbal and intersemiotic. 

Dr Luisa Martí

  • Grammatical number and bare nouns
  • Indefinite scope in Russian
  • Syntax and semantics of Imere

Professor Parvati Nair

  • Socio-cultural aspects of human mobility, especially questions of plural societies, decent work and cities, with human rights, gender and technology as cross-cutting themes. United Nations University Institute on Globalization, Culture and Mobility (UNU-GCM).
  • Working Level Chair of the Global Migration Group, a forum of twenty-two agencies of the United Nations closely engaged in supporting the 193 Member States of the United Nations to shape and agree a global compact on safe, orderly and regular migration.

Professor Christopher Pountain

  • Co-Investigator leading the 'Loaded Meanings' strand of the AHRC Open World Research Initiative project 'Language Acts and Worldmaking' (
    Post-doctoral Research Assistant: Dr Bozena Wislocka Breit. 

Professor Else Vieira

  • Research and Impact Project ‘Brazilian Writers Abroad’, funded over several years by the Brazilian Ministry of Culture; Dean’s Fund, The Federal University of Juiz de Fora; British Academy, 2016- [; CAPES/Brazilian Ministry of Education, 2017- [].
  • ‘Gender and Education in Rural Areas in Brazil’ (2015-2017), funded by the Newton Trust and British Academy []. See British Academy []

Dr Rosa Vidal Doval

  • ‘An edition and translation of Alonso de Espina’s Fortalitium fidei (1464)’, British Academy / Leverhulme Small Research Grant (2017–19).

Dr Elina Vilar

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  • ‘Pedagogical differentiation through telecollaboration and gaming for intercultural and content integrated language teaching’
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