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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Mr Benjamin Allwright


PhD student in Visual Cultures, Modern Languages and Cultures, School of Languages, Linguistics and Film



MPhil in European, Latin American and Comparative Literatures and Cultures by Advanced Study - University of Cambridge
BA in Comparative Literature (Hons) - Queen Mary, University of London
My research delves into the Visual Cultures of ‘El Clàsico’ and ‘The Old Firm’. A diverse range of sources are considered to enhance my understanding of the religious, political, and social dynamics which exist within these communities. The methodology implemented will consider these sources in various contexts; examining not only the visual traditions of particular clubs, but equally the practices of display which are characteristic of the relevant national football culture. In addition, wider iconographical considerations will also be taken into account. Finally, engagement with Urban Theory will aid this research, as will the consideration of significant semiotic implications.


Research Interests:

Sports Studies, History of the Incas and Aztecs, Colonial Accounts of the Americas, Semiotics, Urban Theory, Performance Theory, The Cambridge School.

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