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Professor Edward Hughes


Professor of French

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Room Number: Arts One 1.39
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Edward J. Hughes has research interests in the field of twentieth-century French and Francophone literature, specialising in the socio-critical reading of work by a range of authors, including Marcel Proust, Albert Camus, Jean Genet and Mohammed Dib. He is a former Vice-President and President of the Society for French Studies. He is currently working on the contemporary French thinker Jacques Rancière.



Books and Edited Volumes

1983 Marcel Proust: a Study in the Quality of Awareness. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (paperback reprint, 2010)

1995 Albert Camus, 'Le Premier Homme'/'La Peste'. Glasgow: University of Glasgow French and German Publications

1998 & Peter Dunwoodie (eds). Constructing Memories: Camus, Algeria and 'Le Premier Homme'. Stirling: Stirling French Publications

2001 Writing Marginality in Modern French Literature: from Loti to Genet. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (second edition, 2006)

2007 (editor) The Cambridge Companion to Camus. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

2011 Proust, Class, and Nation. Oxford: Oxford University Press

2015 Albert Camus. London: Reaktion Books (reprinted 2016); in collaboration with Chicago University Press.

[The book was awarded the Franco-British Society Literary Prize in April 2016 and is currently being translated into Chinese; scheduled publication (with Peking University Press), September 2018.]

2005 c. 30,000-word contribution (7 main articles, 20 short articles, 12 notes). In Dictionnaire Marcel Proust (eds Annick Bouillaguet and Brian Rogers). Paris: Champion; volume awarded the Prix Emile Faguet of the Académie Française.


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