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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Isabel Crespí


Catalan Language Assistant



I am Isabel Crespí, the Catalan Language Assistant. I am from Mallorca, in the Balearic Islands. I studied Catalan and Spanish Philology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (2014). I specialised in Linguistics and Italian Studies. After that, I studied a Master in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics at Pompeu Fabra University (2015), and I got my PhD with a dissertation on Aspect and Argument Structure in Catalan Passive Structures (Centre de Lingüística Teòrica/UAB) (2020). I am currently teaching Catalan at Queen Mary University, where I am also the administrator of the Centre for Catalan Studies.


Introductory Catalan

Catalan II

Catalan III


Research Interests:

My research focuses on theoretical linguistics, Catalan language and dialects, and variation in Romance languages. In my dissertation, I analysed the structure of passive participles in Catalan. I am also interested in comparative linguistics and the evolution of language. Another important part of my research is on language teaching and learning, especially on L2 languages.

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