School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Dr Siavash Bakhtiar


French Language Instructor

Telephone: : +44 20 7882 8334
Room Number: Arts One 1.08
Office Hours: Tuesdays & Thursdays 12-1


After graduating from the Université libre de Bruxelles (MA in Modern Languages and Literature, 2009) and from the University of Nottingham (MA in Critical Theory, 2010), I have taught French Language and Culture in a secondary bilingual school in the Community of Madrid (IES Alfonso Moreno, Brunete, 2010-2011). I later returned to Brussels, where I taught English (Institut Sainte-Marie La Sagesse, 2011-2013) and earned a teaching qualification from the ULB (Agrégation en Langues et Littératures Modernes, 2013).

From 2013 to 2018, I have completed my doctoral research at University of Nottingham (PhD in Critical Theory and Cultural Studies, 2017), where I have also been a Teaching Affiliate, delivering seminars and lectures on two French language modules in the Department of French and Francophone Studies and four modules in the Department of Cultures, Film and Media: “Cultures of Everyday Life,” “Communication and Technology,” “Researching Culture, Film and Media” and “Media Identities.”

I have joined Queen Mary in September 2018 as a French Language Instructor.


Research Interests:

Language teaching, French Literature, Latin American Literature, Modern European History, Cuban Material Heritage, Material Anthropology, Visual Cultures, Sensory Studies, Thing Theory, Critical Theory, French Theory, Continental Philosophy.



  • Bakhtiar, Siavash. “Concerning the Apparition of a Mobile Phone in a 17th Century Painting and Its Issuefication,” in European Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies, 3 (3), 2018. 124 -131
  • Bakhtiar, Siavash. “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are back,” in Journal of Imaginary Research, 3, 2017. 17-18


  • (Forthcoming, under review) Bakhtiar, Siavash. Disgust, a Borderline Feeling” (review of Le Dégoût. Histoire, langage, esthétique et politique d’une émotion plurielle, Michel Delville, Andrew Norris and Viktoria Von Hoffmann (dir.), Liège, Presses Universitaires de Liège), in The Senses and Society


  • Bakhtiar, Siavash and Nicolas Prouillac, translators. “Le faussaire de Galilée.” By Nicholas Schmidle. Rue89. 28 Nov. 2014
  • Bakhtiar, Siavash, translator. “Les faucons d’Anatoly.” By Mark Hay. Ulyces. 7 Sep. 2014