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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

The Centre for Anglo-German Cultural Relations welcomes Judith Kuckart as Writer in Residence


Judith Kuckart is a German dancer, choreographer, director and author. Her works range from plays to radio plays and from novels to stories. In the past the author cooperated with other colleagues like fine artists, so that another layer was added to her keenly observant and precise formulated narrations.

In her latest novel, Dass man durch Belgien muss auf dem Weg zum Glück, Judith Kuckart describes eleven episodes of persons in everyday situations. Their stories are somehow linked by cunning intersections, but above all, they share a melancholic, yet not desperate mood in their lives. Every figure lacks something: offsprings, autonomy, the courage to say goodbye… though not everyone is aware of it. The engaging language in the novel creates pictures of a near inevitable loss of lightness like the first autumn days replacing warm summer evenings every year.

She will be Writer in Residence at the Centre until 28th November. 



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