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The foundation of the QMUL Phonetics Laboratory is our new purpose built soundproof recording studio, which, along with providing a fantastic recording environment, is also the quietest place in East London to meditate or have a nap!

The sound studio is a high-specification double-walled booth completed in 2016 by IAC to the highest of standards.

Recording is normally direct to disk using high-quality cardioid condenser microphones to a PC or MAC, both located outside of the booth on the other side of the feed through panel. Marantz recorders are also available for recordings inside the booth.

We’ve also recently acquired a new high end Articulate Instruments ultrasound set with AAA software for articulatory phonetic investigations, in addition to all of our standard phonetic instruments and technology, such as condenser microphones.

Booking the lab & contact

If you would like to book the lab, please contact Adib Mehrabi at a.mehrabi [at]

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