School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Qian Luo, PhD (Michigan State)


Lecturer in Linguistics

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7882 7557
Room Number: ArtsOne 1.13A


LIN4024 Sounds of English

LIN5200 Acoustic Analysis of Speech

LIN101 Language Acquisition 

LIN6205 Developmental Disorders of Language and Cognition


Research Interests:

  • Phonetics
  • Phonology
  • Chinese Linguistics
  • Second Language Acquisition


Luo, Q., Liu, J., Yingchareonthawornchai, S., Ryu, C., & Li, X. (under review). Re-calibrating a tonal challenge: Hierarchies of difficulty in L2 Mandarin tone perception


Li, X., Luo, Q., Liu, J.,& Ryu, C. (under review). Taking a closer look into the hierarchy of difficulties in L2 Mandarin tone perception and production


Durvasula, K., Huang, H.-H., Uehara, S., Luo, Q., & Lin, Y.-H. (2018). Phonology modulates the illusory vowels in perceptual illusions: evidence from Mandarin & English. Laboratory Phonology: Journal of the Association of Laboratory Phonology 9(1):7. DOI:


Luo, Q., Durvasula, K., & Lin, Y.-H. (2016). Inconsistent Consonantal Effects on F0 in Cantonese and Mandarin. In the Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Tonal Aspects of Languages, Buffalo, NY.


Luo, Q., Durvasula, K., & Lin, Y.-H. (2015). A Perceptual Account for Cantonese Vocative Reduplication. In Proceedings of 18th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, Glasgow, United Kingdom: proceedings/ICPhS2015/Papers/ICPHS0371.pdf


Durvasula, K., & Luo, Q. (2014). Voicing, Aspiration, and Vowel Duration in Hindi. In Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics, Acoustical Society of America, 18: 060009.