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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Suzana Fong, PhD (MIT)

Lecturer in Linguistics

Room Number: ArtsOne 1.17B
Office Hours: Mondays (10am-11:30am) and Tuesdays (2:30pm-4pm)


My research aims at explaining puzzles of linguistic variation, with the aim of refining and streamlining our current understanding of how grammar works, as well as uncovering new principles and grammatical restrictions. The data I work on usually comes from working with native consultants of understudied languages (e.g. Mongolian and Wolof). The puzzles I focus on are chosen based on how they challenge accepted principles or generalizations. More narrowly, I am drawn to nominal licensing and cross-clausal dependencies.


LIN5217/LIN7206 - Introduction to Semantics (UG/PG)
LIN5213 - Syntax II (UG)
LIN7209 - Syntax (PG)


Research Interests:

- Cross-clausal dependencies (e.g. hyperraising, control)
- Nominal licensing
Case theory and phenomena
Nonfinite clauses



For a list of publications, please see my website