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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Queen Mary phoneticians present at ICPhS 2019 in Melbourne

6 August 2019

Four Queen Mary phoneticians are presenting at the International Congress of Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS) 2019 in Melbourne this week. Their presentation titles are provided below.


  • Adam Chong: "Variability in tonal realisation in Singapore English intonation"
  • Elisa Passoni (co-authored by Esther de Leeuw and Erez Levon): "Two languages, two pitch ranges: The case of Japanese-English sequential bilinguals"


  • Kathleen McCarthy: "The perception of familiar and unfamiliar accents by bilingual and monolingual children"
  • Rosie Oxbury (co-authored by Kathleen McCarthy): "Acquiring a multiethnolect: the production of diphthongs by children and adolescents in West London"

Amanda Cardoso and Dominic Watt (University of York) are also presenting work co-authored by QMUL linguists Erez Levon, Devyani Sharma and Yang Ye from their shared research project, Accent Bias Britain. The presentation is titled "Inter-speaker Variation and the Evaluation of British English Accents in Employment Contexts".