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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

QMUL staff and students at ICLaVE 9

Prof. Jenny Cheshire, Dr Erez Levon, Karen Beaman, Christian Ilbury, and Hui Zhao either give presentations or panel discussions at ICLaVE 9, held at the University of Malaga from 6-9 June 2017.

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- Jenny Cheshire lead the final discussion for the panel, "Is syntactic variation special?"

- Erez Levon presented his research, "Same difference: The phonetic shape of High Rising Terminals in London", as well as "Unchained: Stance, style, and the changing short vowel system of Southern British English" co-authored with Sophie Holmes-Elliot

- Karen Beaman co-organised a panel entitled "Trend and panel studies: What can they really tell us about language change" along with Greg Guy and Frans Hinskens

- Christian Ilbury presented his research from a side-project, "Stylistic orthographic variation and the use of AAVE on twitter"

- Hui Zhao presented her PhD research, "Gender, class, and language variation in Beijing"