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QMUL PhD student Abigaël Candelas de la Ossa publishes and gives a talk

QMUL PhD student Abigaël Candelas de la Ossa has been active in publishing and she gave an invited talk recently at the University of Western Ontario.


Details below:

Book review published:  Candelas de la Ossa, Abigaël & Meyerhoff, Miriam.  2016.  Review: Paul Baker, <i>Using Corpora to Analyze Gender</i>, London and New York: Bloomsbury Academic, 2014, 228pp, USD42.95/GBP24.99 (pbk). Discourse Studies 18(1): 109-111. doi: 10.1177/1461445615612668b. The review is available from:

Paper accepted (to appear, 2016):  Candelas de la Ossa, Abigaël. "Talk, listen, think": Discourses of agency and unintentional violence in consent guidance for gay, bisexual, and trans men. To appear in Discourse & Society.  The pre-publication version is available from:

Invited talk: Sex, drugs, and modal auxiliaries: The construction of sexual consent in guidance for young people. University of Western Ontario. 22 Jan 2016.