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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film



Once again we had strong representation at NWAV this year (NWAV 47). Returning to his alma mater, Erez Levon delivered the conference's opening plenary: "The systematicity of emergent meaning".

Two other staff presented:

  • David Adger (with Gary Thoms, Caroline Heycock and Jennifer Smith): "Explaining variation with amn’t using the Tolerance Principle"
  • Jonathan Kasstan: "Maintaining style in language death"

And three PhD students gave talks on their work:

  • Karen Beaman: "Variation in the use of the wo-relativizer in Swabian German"
  • Ynda Jas: "Pitch, affect and gender: the interaction of social and physiological factors in the speech of non-binary individuals"
  • Nathan Young: "Multiethnolect moves a round u in style: F3 of /ʉː/ is stylistically and socially stratified in Stockholm Swedish"